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wellness is a lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle can be simple.

You deserve to thrive, not just survive.

Truly Simply Healthy lives in the belief that if you can change your habits, you can change your life. Wellness should be holistic and all-encompassing; from the way you move, to the way you nourish your mind and body. And the act of living well should feel, and be simple.

Natasha Funderburk

my story

Meet Natasha

I'm an autoimmune warrior wellness junkie who knows firsthand what it takes to change your life. After battling trauma and a binge eating disorder, I lost 75 lbs and have kept the weight off for over 15 years. I'm now a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, Autoimmune Holistic Nutritionist, Gut Health Nutrition Specialist, and Behavior Change Specialist. Fueled by faith, coffee, and carbs, I've worked with and taught thousands of other women how to live healthier lives without the gimmicks, fads, or confusion that often surrounds weight loss, nutrition, and sustainable habit change. Because if I can do it, so can you.

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what they’re saying

“I am happy to say that I am down 15 pounds and lots of inches! The boot camp was awesome!”


“Natasha is amazing!! The support I receive from her is top notch. Thank you!”

Diana P

“She always answers thoroughly to my lengthy questions. Great information and nutritional education!”

Nina A.

“I am excited about my workout & weight loss plan for the first time in a long time & think having someone there to cheer you on & sticking with you in the beginning is so helpful. Happy so far!”

Lynn A.

“Natasha is great! First week down 7 pounds.”


“This girl has kicked my butt from Day 1. She has provided me with home workouts that keep me coming back for more. I’m months into this journey, haven’t missed one workout, and am completely addicted to her fitness program. 110% recommend over and over!”

Taylor S.

“I’m loving the workouts! I can already feel myself getting stronger!”

Olivia C.

“So excited! Met my goal for the month of February! Down 10 pounds and feeling great!”

Heidi S.

“You guys – Natasha is seriously THE BEST! In case you haven’t seen all her encouraging posts on my page, she is my personal trainer and I LOVE HER!”

Kari D.

“Just finished a boot camp with Natasha and I LOVED it! She is the sweetest human being, and was super helpful when I needed help. She was always there to answer my questions and gave helpful suggestions! 10/10 definitely recommend participating one of Natasha’s boot camps!”

Jaryn K.

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